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Since 1985 Blackout has provided excelent home and comercial window tinting services in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas. We use top quality materials.We install solar, security, anti-graffiti and decorative window films with a vast range of colors and designs. Blackout is a family owned and operated business in Pomona, CA.


Blackout is your one stop commercial and residential source for glass protection, window tinting, window film, UV protection, fade protection, security film, anti graffiti, decorative films for cars and, sale and installation of car audio and alarms.


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Benefits of Tinting

The Look

Tint adds dramatic styling to your vehicle, home or business. Choose from an array of different shades and styles - from the cool classy look to the beautiful blacked out look.


For those tired of driving in a fishbowl tint provides driving privacy. It's your vehicle - your business. Keep those pesky onlookers guessing. Full privacy packages available, including full frontal windshields.



The film repels 99% of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays keeping your cars' interior cool and comfortable. You keep cool and your car looks hotter than ever.



Tint reduces dangerous glare, giving you a clearer, sharper, safer view of the road. In the event of an accident tint holds shattered glass together, preventing injury from flying glass.



Professional tint increases the life and value of your vehicle. Tint prevents age spots, dashboard cracking and fading vinyl, leather or suede seats.


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